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Jefferson County Sheriff's Office 2016 Annual Report

A report to the community of the expenditures, the accomplishments and the status of Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office programs and services in 2016.

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Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is an important element in developing a good organization. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office wanted to make their goals clear to all of their audiences.

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Jefferson County Emergency Mgt. Think, Plan, Do Book

Helping citizens of the community prepare for all possible disasters is goal #1. This 32-page booklet written, designed and illustrated by Shift Creative provides essential tips for preparing households for many types of events.

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Jefferson County Emergency Mgt. Tsunami Road Show

In 2016 the Washington State Emergency Management Department presented to our community on the risks and ways to prepare for a Tsunami if one were to occur. Our promotion of the event successfully attracted over 250 to attend. 

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Checks Unlimited Business Checks Catalog

The leading direct to consumer check company, Checks Unlimited, used direct mail to create the market when banks were the only seller. Designing for direct mail is much different than designing a typical brochure. We know the value of square inch analysis!

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